Below you will find the most commonly asked questions:

1. For which age group are the Candy Friends books intended?

The subject matter of the books varies according to the development of the child as far as it concerns the use of language and the complexity of the plot of the books. As bedtime books, books #1 and #2 are clearly simpler to comprehend than book #6 or #7. In general, children, ages between 3 and 5, like the stories. It’s probably best to introduce the youngest children to the first books. From around age 7, kids will enjoy reading the books themselves.

2. The books are about candy. Will my child eat more candy because of this?

Not at all. There is no evidence whatsoever that children will develop a craving for candy after reading the Candy Friends books. If anything, kids don’t associate the Candy Friends with candy. Rather they simply see them as happy colorful characters. And besides: when you see pieces of candy as your ‘real’ friends, you wouldn’t want to eat them, would you?

3. Why can’t I find the Candy friends books in mainstream bookstores?

To reach as large of an audience as possible and offer as large as an assortment as possible, the Candy Friends books are only sold online and are not distributed through the usual, more traditional channels.

4. Why aren’t all the Candy friends books available in English?

As the books are published privately, they have to be translated into English by the author. This takes up quite some effort and time. Therefore, for now, only the first story (‘Chocoloco melts’) has been translated into English. If this book proves to be popular with non-Dutch readers, more books will become available in English.

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